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Effective Whole Body Detox & Pain Relief Treatments
Enhance your well-being at Super Chinese Acupuncture in East Brunswick, New Jersey. We offer all-natural, whole body detox and pain relief treatments that leave you feeling fantastic. From sinusitis and allergies to weight issues and drug addiction, acupuncture helps with a wide variety of conditions and diseases.

• Pain in neck, shoulders, back, knees, migraine, fibromyalgia, arthritis       
• Multiple sclerosis (MS)
• Sport injuries (strains and sprains)
• Hypertension
• Diabetes
• Heart & lung disorders
• Heartburn & Acid reflux
• Cancer related problems
• Fatigue
• Thyroid nodules & problems
• Kidney failure and inflammation
• Stroke & Bell’s palsy
• Insomnia, depression & anxiety
• Seizure, Parkinson’s
• Diarrhea, Constipation, Loose Bladder
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• Hepatitis & fatty liver
• BPH (Enlarged Prostate)
• Infertility
• Uterine Fibroids & Menstrual problems
• Breast cystic fibrosis
• Skin disorders such as acne, eczema & psoriasis
• Body detox, quit drugs & smoking
• Reduce belly fat

How It Works
Acupuncture works on the meridians to balance the chi and blood in your body, creating a healing effect. This not only eliminates or reduces your symptoms, but also treats the root of your condition. Treatment begins by inserting very thin needles into your skin at specific points on the body and at various depths. There are very few side effects, and it is a very effective combination treatment for those who do not respond to pain medications.

Contact us at (732) 421-3058 in East Brunswick and Edison, New Jersey, for pain relief treatments that really work.

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